SensorsCon 2013 Committee

Geoff Mulligan - General Chair

Geoff Mulligan Geoff Mulligan

Geoff Mulligan is a Technology Consultant focused on the Internet of Things, RF sensors, 6lowpan, IPv6 (which he named), IP networks, and open systems. He is the Chairman of the IPSO Alliance, IETF working group chair and inventor of 6lowpan, the Chair of the Network/Transport group within ISA SP100.11a, and the author of the IP section of IEEE 1451.5. He is currently working on sensor network projects for the US DOD, government agencies and various corporations as well as numerous Smart Energy and SmartGrid projects. Geoff was previously responsible for Technology development for Invensys Advanced Building Systems where he oversaw the design and development of new building automation systems, controls and technology. Before joining Invensys, he was a Co-Founder and CEO/CTO of Interosa which developed new technology for privacy policy protection of digital content and electronic mail and was a founder and senior engineer for Geocast Network Systems where he was focused on system software and network design. While at Sun Microsystems he worked on emerging network technologies and network/system security products such as telecommuting tools, firewalls and encryption and was the principal architect for Sun's original firewall product - SunScreen and a founding member of the Internet Commerce Group. Geoff also helped launched USA.NET, a permanent email address and email-outsourcing provider. Before joining Sun, Geoff worked at Digital Equipment designing and developing the DEC SEAL firewall and researching e-mail issues. Prior to DEC, he spent 11 years in the Air Force working at the Pentagon on computer and network security, building local and wide area networks and teaching computer science at the Air Force Academy. Geoff received his M.S. from the University of Denver and B.S. from the United States Air Force Academy. He has been an expert witness for a number of companies including Amazon on their One-click patent and authored the book "Removing the Spam". He holds over 15 patents in network security and electronic mail and testified before Congress on Electronic Commerce and Computer Security.

Kris Verma - Program Chair

Kris Verma Kris Verma

Dr. Kris Verma is a veteran of Semiconductor Industry for over 37 years experience in Devices, Fabrication, Factories buildings, R/D , Reliability plus 5 years in HDD Industry , all in Silicon Valley, Calif. His expertise resides in CMOS processes,Devices, Wafer Manufacturing,VlSI CHIPS for HDD and R/D projects management in High Tech Industry. Presently ,he is engaged as a Sr. Faculty member and Program Director at Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute. He is IEEE Millinium Medal winner in year 2000 for his contributions ( 20 published papers)and chairing various IEEE meetings, conferences. Dr. Verma was IEEE section Chair of Santa Clara Valley section and Executive Director of SFBA IEEE. Dr. Verma has been with ISQED as a Plenary Chair since early days and he was awarded ISQED Fellow in 2008 for his vast contributions. Currently, he is involved as a IEEE officer for PV chapter start up ,as a Nanotechnology Executive member, and SVEC Board Member . Nominated and selected for the "Best Engineer award" of Santa Clara Valley section by IEEE in 2010. He has earned his Ph.D in EE from University of Utah, Salt lake City and M.B.A from Portland University, Oregon.

Shoieb Yunus

Shoieb Yunus Shoieb Yunus

Shoieb Yunus is an accomplished product professional with an impressive record of developing and managing products, revenue growth and selling winning solutions for evolving business strategies. Domain expert in new product conceptualization and definition, product management and product marketing of innovative technology solutions supporting Computing, Consumer Electronics, SaaS, Web and Mobile platforms for Consumer and Enterprise markets
. He has served as effective multi-dimensional manager in critical roles at industry leaders and early stage startups across Sensors (MEMS, biometrics, authentication), Embedded Systems, Consumer Electronics Semiconductors, Digital Video (video streaming, VOD, IPTV, OTT), Social Networking, SaaS and Mobile Apps. Shoieb founded and managed EzValidation, a fingerprint security software company and established relationships with the leading sensor makers including AuthenTec, Atrua, Validity, Fujitsu, Veridicom, KeySource, SCM Microsystems and others. EzValidation was acquired by AuthenTec (Nasdaq: AUTH), a leader in fingerprint sensor; In July, 2012 Apple announced it will acquire AuthenTec for iPhone/iPad applications for $365 Million in cash. Most recently, Shoieb works as a senior marketing consultant at Whizz Systems, a leading electronic product design and manufacturing services company with the offices in Santa Clara and Malaysia. At Whizz Systems, Shoieb is responsible for defining and managing customer-driven reference design and system-level product (handheld) for consumer electronics market. Reference board components include MEMS Gyro Sensor for motion sensing, tracking and gesture control, ARM processor, Xilinx FPGA, nVidia GPU, firmware and applications software.

MP Divakar

MP DivakarMP Divakar

Dr. Divakar is the founder of an early stage start up company focusing on analytics and prognostics in sensor networks. He has more than 18 years of experience in electronic hardware development in microwave-, millimeter-wave and RF-communications, power management, MEMS, semiconductor test and datacenter infrastructure. Dr. Divakar has more than thirty publications, 7 issued patents and many applications pending. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and a fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India). He is an active contributor to EE Times and participates in the standards activities of SEMI and GSA.




Pallab Chatterjee

Pallab Chatterjee Pallab Chatterjee

Mr Chatterjee is currently co-founder of Media & Entertainment Technologies, CTO of SiliconMap an independent consulting firm specializing in Electronic & IC system design and design methods, which he started in 1985. In addition to his engineering role, he is a senior editor with M&E Tech, and also holds editing roles at EDN, Chip Design Mag and other trade publications. He was recently the Vice-Chair of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council, and is on the executive committee of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, Education Society and PV Societies. Additionally, he has participated on the BOD of the UC Berkeley Eng Alumni Society, as a conf & SIG chair for industry user groups and on executive committee for the ISQED conference, the Interdisciplinary Education Conference and other technical conferences. He was recently awarded recognition as an ISQED Fellow. Mr Chatterjee holds Engineering degrees from UC Berkeley, and San Jose State and has taught at San Jose State, Santa Clara University, Silicon Valley Technical Institute and California Polytechnic Institute. Mr. Chatterjee is also an author of technical books with Springer Publications, Wyle and Technology & Imagination Press.

Ali A. Iranmanesh - Founder & President

Dr. Ali A. Iranmanesh Ali A. Iranmanesh

Dr. Ali A. Iranmanesh is the founder and president of Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute (SiVPT) dba California Polytechnic Institute(CalPT)). He has received MS and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Physics from Stanford University, and Master in Business administration from San Jose State University. He has been actively involved with many leading Silicon Valley companies in various engineering and senior management positions. He has been awarded with over 50 US and international patents and has many publications. Dr. Iranmanesh is the founder of the International Society for Quality Electronic Design (ISQED), a non-profit international organization devoted to innovation and advancement in electronic design, and engineering education. He is the founder of InnovoTek a leading Silicon Valley consulting and design services firm. Dr. Iranmanesh is the Senior IEEE member, senior member of the American Society for Quality, Chair of the IEEE Education Society in Silicon Valley, and Vice Chair of the IEEE PV chapter.